MARBLE Polishing

You may notice that your marble tile surface has lost its polished appearance and become dull and lifeless. It may look dirty but it actually may have become scratched, worn and dull over time and may need to be polished.

In many cases the marble tiles in floors and countertops will not look much different after they have been cleaned. Many people expect scratches, etch marks and discolorations in the marble tiles to be removed when the marble tiles have been cleaned. It is necessary to hire a tile and grout restoration professional to polish the marble and remove these marble tile imperfections.

What we do..

  • Inspect and Pre-clean surfaces to remove any loose debris.
  • Pre-treat the tile and grout with our non-toxic cleaning solution to help emulsify the soils (i.e. dirt, oils, soap scum, etc.) embedded in the grout and on the surface of the tile.
  • Agitation and pressure washing systems that are designed specifically for cleaning tile and grout and other hard surfaces (i.e. concrete, brick, stone) removing years of built up soils, grease or food from the pores of the stone, tile and grout.
  • Spot clean any areas that have not come clean with a safe, low PH tile and grout cleaning solution when necessary.
  • Protect your clean grout lines with a sealer of your choice. Either an impregnating or surface sealer.
  • Educate you on the proper care of how to maintain your floors its beautiful appearance and recommended products to continue to keep your floor looking clean.

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