Tile Cleaning & Grout Sealing

Tile cleaning and Grout sealing Gold Coast

Euroseal are able to clean tiles and seal grout

There are may types of tiles originating from many places around the world and the tile cleaning process can vary depending on the type of tile being cleaned. Before cleaning tiles you should test the surface to be sure that the cleaning product will not damage or discolor the tile surface, particularly surfaces like slate and sandstone. For example, alkaline cleaning products are generally safe for cleaning tiles like slate but cleaning slate with acidic-based cleaning products could potentially damage the tile surface.

Grout is a porous compound between the tiles and there are different types of impregnating and topical sealers that may be used to seal grout.

If the tile surface appears to have a topical sealer on it then the sealer needs to be stripped off before any cleaning process can begin.

If a water based topical wax sealer was used then a water based floor strippers can be used to strip the wax from the tile. It is important to understand that removing wax can be a difficult and time consuming process and should generally be done by a professional tile cleaning service. If the tile was sealed with a different type of topical sealer then this type of sealer can be extremely difficult to remove even by a professional tile cleaning service. In this case, paint stripper will be needed to strip the sealer off of the tiles.

Please note many types of tiles cannot be sealed, non-porous tiles will not accept an impregnating sealer sealer, hence they are already “sealed” by nature of their surface.

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