How Do You Know When it’s Time for Tile Sealing, Brisbane?

No one likes to do unnecessary work, much less pay for it. So, when it comes to tasks like tile sealing in Brisbane, it’s important to know what needs to be sealed and what doesn’t need to be sealed, and looking at the benefits may prove to be a motivator, too!


If you have a ceramic or porcelain tile floor, the tile itself probably won’t require sealing. However, if the tile is stone or marble, it will most likely need to be sealed. Check with your installer or the tile manufacturer, just to be sure, since there are exceptions. However, since there are two parts to a tile floor, don’t overlook the need for sealant altogether.


Grout, which is the second part of a tile floor, does need to be sealed regardless of what type of tile you have, because it stains easily due to its naturally porous composition. This is especially important since, often, professional installers don’t seal the floors since grout has to go through a curing process first.

Unsure if it’s already been done? Try spreading a few drops of water across a small area of the tile and grout. If the colour changes, then more than likely the area hasn’t been sealed. If the water beads off the floor, then it is likely sealant has already been laid.


One of the greatest benefits about sealing the grout is that, once it’s done, floor clean up becomes a lot easier! There is no hassling with the grooves between the tiles because the sealant keeps liquid and debris on the surface, so it just requires a wipe down.

Another benefit of using floor sealant is time and cost savings. Sealed grout lasts longer than unsealed grout, which means that it won’t crack or deteriorate as quickly. You won’t have to dig out and replace the grout, which saves time and money.

Before you decide on a sealant, consult your installer or tile manufacturer. Different sealants work better on different surfaces, so you want to be sure you choose the right one.

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