A few Surprises Facts about Polished Concrete Gold Coast

With the rising popularity of loft style living, polished concrete has made its way into many interior decorators’ portfolios. There are many uses for polished concrete in your home décor to add a contemporary edge. There are also a few surprising facts that might make concrete a more appealing choice for your home décor.


Perhaps the most practical use for polished concrete, flooring can add a surprising element of warmth and beauty far from the industrial look you might expect. The highly polished surface adds a shine and elegance that brings the same luxury of granite and marble to your home. This long-lasting finish is durable and can be left in its natural warm gray tones, or stained to meet the design needs of any decor.

Green Choice

It may seem strange that a product associated with dirty construction sites and men at work along dusty roads is actually eco-friendly. Polished concrete does not get its shine from the use of chemicals such as epoxies and varnishes. Instead, it is a high polishing process that brings a natural shine, making it a good choice for your green design.

Safe Underfoot

Despite its high sheen, polished concrete is quite slip resistant making it a safe choice underfoot. Polished concrete has a high traction rating placing it above many hardwood floors, tiles and most stone.

Maintenance Free

The polished concrete Gold Coast residents have come to enjoy lasts for years to come due to the polishing process. There are no waxes or polishes involved in the process. It is the high shine itself that protects the floors and keeps them looking their best for years to come. Normal wear from pets and family should not see dulling.  However, you can hire a service to re-polish floors in very high traffic areas.

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