Brisbane Concrete Reseal: What You Should Know About Your New Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways offer a clean, contemporary look to your home while offering a reasonably maintenance free surface. There are some care tips you can follow to keep your driveway looking its best.

The First 24 Hours

Once your new driveway has been laid, you will need to stay off the surface for 24 hours. Your paver may suggest you water your driveway intermittently during this period as moisture will help maintain the integrity of the concrete while it dries. Although your driveway should be fully dried within 24 hours, humidity and other factors may have an affect on the timing.

Curing Period

Although 24 hours allows the concrete to dry, your driveway is not ready for full use. You need to allow an additional seven to 10 days for your driveway to cure before you can put excess weight on it such as your vehicle. Heavy equipment and larger vehicles can damage your driveway if stored there for a long period of time.

Plants Can Wreak Havoc

Although you might want to add a little hedge or trees to edge your new driveway, keep in mind that roots of these plantings can wreak havoc on your concrete driveway. As roots spread they can raise and crack the surface quicker than you might think. Cracks are then open for weeds to set in. Opt for planters to create a pretty touch of green at the foot or top of your driveway, or spaced out along the edges.

Clean Up Spills

The porous nature of concrete leaves it vulnerable to staining. Using a pressure washer to spray away spills such as oil, paint and even certain leaves and flowers will help keep your surface free of discolouration.

Apply Regular Reseals

Even in Brisbane concrete reseal is a must to ensure your cement driveway is kept looking its best. Resealing your driveway helps protect it from staining. Having your driveway resealed annually by a professional service is the best way to keep it protected.

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